B-L High School “Heart of the Panther” Award Presented

On Friday, May 31st, at the 99th annual B-L High School Commencement Ceremony, Principal Sonya Bryant awarded the school’s “Heart of the Panther” trophy to graduating senior James Eidson.  This was only the second “Heart of the Panther” award ever given out, with 2018 B-L High School graduate Hallie Keisler being the inaugural recipient last year.

The “Heart of the Panther” award, which is voted on by staff members at B-L High School, is presented to the senior student who, through their actions, demonstrates a love of B-L High School and possesses the character traits of loyalty, honesty, and courage.

Selection criteria for the award are not based on academics, athletic ability, or extracurricular involvement. Instead, it is solely based on personal character and service the individual has given to B-L High School.

Congratulations James!