Friday, March 12th Will Be An E-Learning Day in Lexington Three

Lexington County School District Three administrators want Panther families to know that Friday, March 12th will become an E-Learning Day for all students in grades 4K through 12th.

The decision to make March 12th an E-Learning Day comes after Governor Henry McMaster and DHEC officials announced on Tuesday that South Carolina would be moving into phase 1b of the state’s COVID-19 vaccination plan on March 8th, thus opening the door for school staff to begin receiving vaccines. It is Lexington Three’s hope that by making March 12th an E-Learning Day that staff members who would like to receive a COVID-19 vaccination will have greater flexibility to make an appointment with a vaccine provider to do so.

On Friday, March 12th, all students in Lexington County School District Three will complete assignments from home. Teachers, who will still report to work for their regularly scheduled hours, will provide instructional support through our Google platform and email while having flexibility to leave campus, as needed, to attend a COVID-19 vaccination appointment.

Anyone with questions or concerns can contact their child’s school or the Lexington Three District Office.

Thank you for your flexibility as we strive to do our part in the fight against COVID-19.