15 B-L High School Students Earn Degrees, Certificates from Midlands Technical College

Congratulations to the following B-L High School students who have completed their studies with Midlands Technical College and are set to earn either an Associates in Arts Degree or Certificate in General Curriculum Studies.
Associates in Arts (A.A) Degree (60+ credit hours)
Catherine Bedenbaugh  (Senior)
Maggie Schneider  (Senior)
William Smith  (Senior)
*These students also previously earned a Certificate in General Curriculum Studies (CA.GCS).
The Associates in Arts program serves students who wish to take courses to transfer into a four-year college or university in such majors as business, humanities, social sciences or others that require more intensive course work in the humanities and/or social sciences than in mathematics and science. The two-year degree program is essentially equivalent to the first two years of the degree requirements for the chosen major at the student’s four-year college or university. (The student’s desired transfer institution will be the ultimate authority on course transfer and degree applicability, and the student and advisor can further refine course choices in the degree planning process.)
Certificate in General Curriculum Studies (CA.GCS) (18 credit hours)
Jarissa Adams  (Senior)
Walt Bryant (Senior)  
Hannah Leaphart  (Senior)
Adrianna Oxner  (Senior)
Savannah Rye  (Senior)
Kearstin Shealy (Senior)
Jaelyn Jerez  (Junior)  
Amie Johnson  (Junior)  
Kesa McMillan  (Junior)  
Mina Shull  (Junior)  
Will Taylor  (Junior)  
Landon Truitt  (Junior)  
The General Studies certificate is designed to provide dually enrolled high school students with a broad general education foundation to facilitate their transition into higher education institutions. The certificate includes introductory courses that students may take before deciding on an academic and career pathway.