23 Students Inducted Into B-L High School Beta Club

This year’s inductees included:  


SOPHOMORES: Catherine Bedenbaugh, Matthew Boozer, Walt Bryant, Emily Crapps, Angela Fang, Caroline Fort, Emily Leaphart, Hannah Leaphart, Kelsey Long, Adrianna Oxner, Gabrielle Ridgeway, Maggie Schneider, Kearstin Shealy, Drayton Sheppard, Harrison Smith, Morgan Spradley, Laura Torres, Michelle Villaseca, Anthony Watanabe


JUNIORS: Lauren Caughman, Carley Muilenburg


SENIORS: Searia Andrews, Sandreka Pixley


Beta Club members must maintain a cumulative GPA of 4.0 to remain in the club.  In addition, each member must complete five service hours per year to the school and/or community.