B-L High School Holds Annual Ring Ceremony

Junior and Senior students who purchased B-L High School class rings were able to participate in the second annual Ring Ceremony that took place on December 4th at the Lexington Three Fine Arts Center.

About fifty students partook in the event.  One-by-one, students and their parents, if they were in attendance, were called onto the stage where parents presented their child with his/her class ring.

"We are so excited to continue this new tradition at Batesburg-Leesville High School.  Our hope is to continue to grow this very special event where parents can present a class ring to their young person and build a memory around the once-in-a-lifetime experience of receiving a high school ring," said Sonya Bryant, Principal of B-L High School.

The event included information on the history of class rings and the “Legend of Turning the Rings.”  Tradition has it that when you first wear your class ring, you should have your friends and classmates turn your ring one time each for a total number of times that represents your graduation year.  The last person to turn your ring should be the most special to you. This person turns your ring in the opposite direction of the others to “lock” it. Before you graduate, your ring should be worn so that when you look at it, you can read your school’s name around the stone.  When you graduate, you should reverse the ring so that when you hold your hand out, a person looking at the ring can read the school name properly.