College Planning

Planning to attend college can be an overwhelming process, but we are here to help!  The planning process is something that should begin as soon as possible, especially by the time the student enters the 9th grade.  All colleges/universities have general admissions requirements, as well as school specific requirements to be aware of.  By discussing your plans as early as possible with your counselor we will be able to tailor your schedule to reach your academic goals, ensure that you are meeting university admissions requirements, and discuss additional aspects of the college planning process.

Below are a handful of valuable resources to assist you in beginning the process.  Your student's counselor is available throughout the school year to address any questions you may have!

Resources & Guides

College Preparatory Course Requirements For Entering College Freshmen Beginning in Academic Year 2019-20

SC Requirements for Entering Freshman

Top Ranked Universities in South Carolina

South Carolina Colleges and Universities


The Collegeboard website has a wonderful college search function that allows students to search for schools by name to review up to date admissions information, or narrow down schools by interest, location, size, cost, etc.

BLHS Presentations

Senior Night Information

Standardized Testing


College Planning Checklists

9th-10th Grade College Planning Checklist
11th Grade College Planning Checklist
12th Grade College Planning Checklist
College Application Checklist