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Sophomore Information

Dear Sophomores,
You've made it through your first year of high school!  Make sure to continue taking all grades and classes seriously, as your cumulative GPA includes all courses that you complete.  At this time you may not know what you hope to do after graduation, but it is wise to get as best of grades as you can so that you keep all opportunities open to you for the future!

This year you will be taking the PSAT in the fall, which is the practice SAT.  BLHS will register you for the exam and it will be held during the school day.  This will give you a real time reflection of how you would perform on the real SAT if you were to take it now.  You will receive personalized feedback based on your scores and areas for improvement. 

Your IGP meeting will be held with your counselor in the spring semester.  During this time we will select the courses that you need and want to take in 11th grade.  Make sure to review the BLHS Course Registration Catalog (linked left) prior to your meeting so we can request courses you have an interest in.  Your counselor will ask you questions regarding your interests and any college or career goals you may have, so that suggestions can be made for related courses offered at BLHS.

We look forward to working with you this year!
The BLHS Counseling Department

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