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NCAA Information for College Bound Athletes


Student athletes who intend on participating in a Division I or Division II sports team at the collegiate level are required to register with the NCAA Eligibility Clearinghouse.  There is a fee to register that has been predetermined by the NCAA.  Upon registering, your information can be accessed by the NCAA Eligibility Center, college coaches, etc.

*Please remember to list Batesburg-Leesville High School as your current school* 
(School Code: 410110)

Registration Guides 

-For a detailed guide to the eligibility process please access the following link:  

-Students needing to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center need to access the following website:
NCAA Eligibility Center


After registering, students must request that their transcripts be submitted to the Eligibity Center through our transcript/records program, ScribOrder.  The link for ordering transcripts through this program is listed to the right.  Transcripts will not be sent to the NCAA without a submitted request by each student.

NCAA GPA/Test Score Determinations

It is important to note that eligibility is based off of a GPA calculation that the NCAA completes, as well as standardized test scores (SAT or ACT).  This GPA calculation will include only the BLHS core courses that the NCAA recognizes.  If you are interested in seeing a projection of your current NCAA GPA calculation and the corresponding test score you will need, please request to see Mrs. Gordon in the counseling office.